Precious jewelry

Welcome to this blog about precious stones; gold- and silver smithing; and about Great Britain and art and craftsmanship in general.

We dig deep into the subjects of jewelry - anything from the history, trade and production of precious stones to the creation of, and desire to wear, precious gems and jewelry. Our fascination for anything that shines, glitters and sparks never seems to come to an end and deep down we all desire to own and wear the most valuable gems available.




The Gemmological Association - Gem-A - dates back to more than a century ago and works to promote education concerning gems and jewelry internationally. Its base is in the Great Britain and its main goal is to keep the awareness, education and quality in products and production high. 

If you want to learn more about the Gem-A you can visit their official website.

Fool's Gold

28 Jul 2021

Treasure hunters will sometimes be disappointed to find fool's gold (iron pyrite). This compound often has a similar appearance to real gold. However, it is significantly less valuable. Despite this, iron pyrite can be of interest to geologists due to the unusual structures that it can form.

Cut a diamond

19 Dec 2018

When you buy gold or diamonds you make an investment, becuase these raw materials will always have high value. Diamonds usually come as pieces of jewelry and to fit them in rings, necklaces, erarrings or bracelets, they first need to be cut. Take a look at this video to learn some more.

Love gems? Make extra cash online to buy more!

25 Sep 2017


If you have a passion for precious stones and gems, you probably know that there is always something new, beautiful and exciting to buy for your collection. But the money can be an issue sometimes to support this rather expensive hobby. So if you're looking for some easy and fun ways to make or win some cash online, keep reading.

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Gold digger

15 Jun 2017

We all love glimmering gold but we don't all know the struggle to find it. In this video we are shown a gold digger in action and his finding is not bad at all. It seems to be quite hard work, but it pays off. Enjoy!